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Shaw Elementary 
Roll Up Doors
Phoenix Elementary School District
Phoenix, Arizona
Project Details

SDB renovated an existing cafeteria and classrooms on the occupied Shaw Elementary School campus. Services provided included structural demolition, shoring, and structural steel fabrication. The team also installed new finishes, drop ceilings, and a roll-up door entry system with a new curtain wall entrance. Due in part to the school’s class schedule, SDB could not begin structural demolition until summer. This caused a number of issues with long lead time items, such as partition walls, garage doors, and hollow metal interior and exterior door frames. Because these items are typically field-measured then ordered after the concrete and structural steel install, SDB worked with vendors to set the dimensions, order items, and build to the “hold to” dimensions. A secondary schedule challenge involved specific classroom and cafeteria renovations that needed to be completed ahead of the start of summer kindergarten and preschool programs. SDB accelerated the construction schedule in those project areas, and finished the construction in non-vital areas after the summer programs had commenced. Temporary shoring was required to complete the renovations within multiple classrooms. SDB’s in-house trades group both engineered and installed the shoring which saved the school significant additional cost.